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How to distinguish harmonic reducer from RV Reducer

2020-11-20 17:38:11 Wwwl 112

According to the mechanical structure, industrial robots can be divided into SCARA robot, rectangular coordinate robot, joint robot, parallel robot and others. The global industrial robot market is mainly joint industrial robots. The robot consists of controller, servo motor and reducer. The cost of reducer, servo and controller of the three core components account for 30% - 50%, 20% - 30% and 10% - 20% of the robot cost respectively. The reducer used in industrial robot mainly includes RV Reducer and harmonic reducer. How to distinguish them?

The reducer is divided into harmonic reducer and RV Reducer.

RV Reducer is suitable for heavy duty robots. It is generally used in the leg waist and elbow three joints of heavy-duty robot. Compared with harmonic reducer, the key of RV Reducer lies in processing technology and assembly process. RV Reducer has higher fatigue strength, stiffness and life. Unlike harmonic drive, with the increase of service time, the motion accuracy will be significantly reduced. Its disadvantages are heavy weight and large size. At present, the RV reducers used in the market are mainly Japanese emperor, Taiwan Murata, and domestic brands are Nantong zhenkang, Zhejiang Hengfengtai, Qinchuan machine tools, etc.

Harmonic reducer is used in small robots or several shafts at the end of large robots. It is characterized by small volume, light weight, large bearing capacity, high motion accuracy and large single-stage transmission ratio. In the world, harmonic drive company almost monopolizes the whole field of harmonic reducer of industrial robot. At present, the global market share is as high as 80%. In the development of domestic harmonic reducer industry, green is the fastest growing one. It has been supplied for trial use with some domestic robots and even foreign robot manufacturers. By this year, it is expected to break through 30000 units and occupy more than 60% of the domestic harmonic reducer Market.

From the above we can know that RV Reducer is mainly used for heavy-duty robot, concentrated in the front several joints, and harmonic reducer is mainly used for several shafts at the end of light and small industrial robots.